Action Role-Playing Marathon Event has finished!

Check out the event info here.

North American Speedrunner Assembly presents:
Horror Thriller Monster Marathon!

Horror Thriller Monster Marathon (aka not-Spookathon) is done! Thanks to everyone involved.

Click here to see the schedule!

You can watch the VODs as we upload them to our youtube channel here.

North American Speedrunner Assembly 2018

Planning is currently underway. Please contribute your input for the 2018 event at our forum.

North American Speedrunner Assembly 2017

NASA 2017 information can be found here. The schedule can be found here. See you next year.

About NASA

The North American Speedrunner Assembly is a group of speedrunners promoting speedruns through meetups, marathons, and more. Our ultimate goal is speedrunning on the Moon. For more information on our current live event, check out Our Forum and our Info Page for more details.

If you are planning a speedrun meetup or marathon and would like to partner with NASA, message one of the staff listed below on our Discord or by email.


Rules for NASA 2017 can be found here.

NASA Staff

Title Name Contact
Head Tech Dark-Aries
Community Outreach, Operations darkfox36
Visual Design jymotion
Audio Tech Lanayru
Public Relations, Operations lurkchan
Director Naegleria
Scribe, Public Relations ThoseCrazyGuys