... NASA - Submissions Guide

NASA Submission Guide

If you choose to submit a speedrun to the event here are some guidelines below

Submissions are closed

Volunteer submissions are available here. We need volunteers for our Chat Moderation Team, Charity Team, and Restream Team.

When we judge a run, we take several factors into account:

  • We require the runner to provide commentary during the run, either personally or with a couch. What is the potential for the quality of commentary during the run?
  • Has the runner performed a run at our event before? How did it go?
  • If multiple people have submitted a run, is this runner the best one to showcase this game?
  • Has the runner dropped a run unreasonably, or previously been a no-show?
  • How consistent are runs of this game? Can the run be reliably completed?
  • Has the runner played this game recently, or has their last run been a long time ago?
  • Is the game entertaining by its own merits? Does that entertainment value translate well to a wider audience?
  • If the content is not a speedrun, what entertainment value does it bring to the event? We are especially interested in creative content that you are enthusiastic about.

Avoid submitting solely for a race. Not all games are fit for a race, even if there are many runners available.

For a race, we have additional criteria:

  • Is the game a good fit for a race? Not all games make for entertaining races.
  • Is it possible for the race to be a blowout?
  • Is it possible to recover from a mistake during the race to prevent it from becoming a blowout?
  • Would the setup time for the race take longer than the race itself?
  • Shorter runs that revolve around a single difficult trick or glitch will need to have a high success rate.
  • How much does RNG affect the run? Will it be likely to determine the outcome of the race?