No one wants to be rude about these things, but these rules do need to be followed by all attendees. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please reach out to staff so they can explain it to you.

Rule #1a Don't break the law

The event is taking place in Oakville, Canada (right near Toronto). All laws that apply to Oakville apply here, including policies enforced by the hotel.

Rule #1b Don't be an asshole

If you are harassing people, messing with equipment maliciously, being overly obnoxious, or just plain rude, you will be kicked out of the event til you learn how to behave in a social environment. If you don't know how to behave in a social environment, a NASA staff member can give you a short lesson. During the night, don’t be too loud or the hotel staff might get mad. Drinking or being drunk isn’t banned, but if you are obnoxious you will be told to leave the marathon room.

Rule #1c Don't steal anything

If you steal something from another attendee, you will have to reimburse them/give it back, depending on what’s stolen you might also be banned from future NASA events.

Rule #2 Badges must be worn visibly when in public event areas of the hotel

All attendees are required to wear their attendee badge in a visible way when you are in event areas such as the marathon or practice rooms. Your badge cannot be loaned or shared with anyone. If you left your badge in your room, you will need to go get it before you can enter event areas. If your badge is not visible, you will be asked to make it visible. Staff needing to ask that you make it visible multiple times will make us hate you. If you have lost your badge, a replacement can be purchased for $5 (to pay for the badge itself). Your name must be on your badge; guests can write this in at the event. Refusal to wear your badge can result in being banned from the event.

Rule #3a Maintain hygiene

Looking like a dirtbag is fine, smelling like one is not. You will be booted from the marathon rooms until you don’t smell bad.

Rule #3b Keep food away from video games

Consoles/controllers/TVs don’t go well with food, only closed-container drinks are allowed near equipment
-You can bring food in marathon rooms, but if it’s messy (meatball marinara sub, honey garlic wings, etc) keep it away from equipment.

Rule #3c Clean up after yourself

Don’t litter, don’t leave your belongings lying on the floor in/around the hotel, don’t make a mess. -If you do make a mess, clean it up.

Rule #4 You break it, you buy it

You have to reimburse attendees if you break/destroy any of their stuff (consoles, controllers, games, clothes, TVs, etc)

Rule #5 No streaming unless given permission by NASA staff

Please ask Staff if you'd like to stream something other than something that couldn't be on the second stream.

Rule #6 Obey the staff

If a hotel staff member or NASA staff member tell you to stop doing something, you need to stop doing it.
-Hotel/NASA staff can ban people from the event.

Rule #7 On stream behaviour:

Don't do anything that will get the stream banned from Twitch
-If you have been on-stream before and you have not been banned, then you are all good. If you HAVE been banned, then don't do the thing(s) that got you banned when you are on NASA’s stream.
-Swearing is fine
-Spoiling plot points of movies/games is fine
-Being a dumbass is not a bannable offense, but everyone will then treat you like you are a dumbass.

Rule #8 Runner(s) are promoted to NASA Staff during their runs

If a runner wants you off the stream during their run, then you are not allowed on stream
-If a runner wants you to stop doing something, stop doing it
-Runners can ban people from the stream (but runner bans are only active until their run is over)

List of NASA Staff:


Rules are subject to change.