We Want Left 4 Dead 2 HD

We Want Left 4 Dead 2 HD

Took place online March 1st - 3rd, 2019

Hey gamers, have you ever wondered what a marathon would be like if actual effort was put into it? Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Wow! I sure wish event organizers would make sure that everything was done properly before the marathon started"? Have you ever wanted to enjoy watching a marathon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further!

Today, C7Metors, DalethonDukk, and xJabro would like to announce We Want Left 4 Dead 2 HD (WWL4D2HD), in collaboration with NASA-underscore-Marathon! WWL4D2HD is a revolutionary marathon in which the event organizers will plan ahead and make sure the viewer experience is smooth and enjoyable. We will implement top of the line marathon planning strategies, such as: making a restreaming schedule, providing backup runs in case there are no-shows, and ensuring that the marathon does not take place during major holidays or popular speedrunning events. Hopefully, by offering the minimum required effort to run a decent speedrunning marathon, and with the help from you professional gamers, we will be able to convince Valve to give us L4D2HD, the HD remaster that we've all wanted for years!

For more information you can view the marathon on speedrun.com.

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