Newsletter #1

Just wanted to go ahead and throw this out there because I feel it's very important.

My biggest takeaway from the newsletter was seeing the price of registration being $100-$140. This is absolutely outrageous. Even GDQ isn't that expensive and I have to say that there is no chance I would ever attend at that price and I know there are a lot of other people who feel the same way. I felt that registration was already quite high this year, and seeing that is really disheartening because I think the event was fun.

I would highly suggest you reconsider this price point because I think you would see a huge drop in attendance.


  • Echoing the same message as above, the attendance fee spike can potentially drive people away from the event and it's a major concern. If were the price were to stand, I would choose to not attend the event. The overall costs would be too much. NASA as an event was a lot of fun and a highlight of the year for sure and would be a shame if it couldnt continue as such.

  • Not going to lie, I was considering NASA as one of the options for attending a marathon next year, but with that price range is kinda difficult for me to considering it.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see the forum is getting some use.

    We should have better reflected that figure in the letter. We have always tried to keep the registration fee and overall cost of the event low. As a smaller event we are trying to balance the cost of the event and what we can offer. What has been mentioned by many attendees is that the biggest cost of attending any event is the hotel cost, followed by airplane tickets, especially if you are European and coming to NA. The new pricing range is based on that feedback, which is encouraging us to expand our venue search to include places closer to airports and the possibily of shuttle transport to the venue, which would require the price to go up. As was the case in the past, our registration fee will be adjusted so that we break even with the venue cost, after we try and raise funding through preNASA. Typically this has been more around the $75 USD range, but if we can get a spot that has what was mentioned above, we hope that an increase to something like $100 USD would make more folks more likely to attend. The $140 figure was the maximum that one attendee said they would be willing to pay, and we doubt that will be anywhere near the likely cost.

    As a comparison, GDQ cost was $65 USD, ESA cost 80 euros, or around $90 USD, and this year we were at $75 USD. We still aim to be at around that cost, but will be exploring venues closer to airports that would make an increase to registration something like $100 USD and treating them as still viable options instead of being too expensive.

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