NASA 2020 City/Hotel Finding

Aight, Hotel finding. There's a ton of hotels that can host an event of our size (3000 sq ft), so I'm making this thread hoping some of y'all could help finding good ones.

The Requirements:

1. 3000 sq ft or more meeting/conference space.

2. Dedicated wired internet in that room, minimum 10 mbps upload speed.

3. At least one 24/7 restaurant within walking distance.

4. Travel to airport isn't butts.

5. Bedrooms are less than $300 per night.

Ideal/Bonus Stuff to look for:

Airport shuttle to hotel.

Multiple restaurants.

Arcade nearby (or other group event stuff, rollercoasters, waterpark, etc)

First thing I do is look for major airports which would be easier to fly into, then for hotels nearby, then for which of those hotels have 24/7 restaurants nearby. Alternatively search for areas that have the most restaurants, and then for hotels. Any city which is an 8 hour drive of Toronto (DarkAries limit, who is bringing the bulk of tech) is fair game.

Here is a list of larger cities within that range:

Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto

Smaller cities can work too, as long as there is transit to get to the venue (max 1 hour from airport).


  • I like anywhere in the USA (Travel constraints due to my career path).

    Baltimore sounds fantastic, and so does Columbus. I've been to both for cons/events and they have a good assortment of hotels and convention centers to choose from.

  • I could probably only attend if it's a few hours drive/bus from toronto

  • Downtown Columbus would probably be a really good idea. It's a really central location and there are at least 2 barcades off the top of my head in the downtown area. Brewcadia and 16 Bit are both pretty good. Plus there are a lot of other places that are easily drivable too, especially with OSU campus being only like a 15-20 minute walk north if you had no car.

    I don't know exactly which hotels would be the best and fit into the criteria, but there are a shitload of them to choose from. It also doesn't have to be directly downtown either. There's a legit Japanese arcade called Akiba Arcade. They're in the process of moving locations, but I'm sure that will be settled by next summer.

    Food options are endless, too. I would HIGHLY recommend trying to do it in Columbus if you can.

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