Newsletter #2


It has been awhile since our last newsletter, but there haven't been many updates until now. We held a Town Hall in September to outline some of these points. If you missed it, you can watch the VOD here:

The main points are:

Our current choice of location for NASA2020 is Four Points by Sheraton in Cleveland, Ohio. It has a shuttle from a nearby airport, and some good 24/7 food nearby (Denny's, 7/11, etc.)

We are in the process of having a contract drawn up as the hotel base cost should be cheaper than one from last year. However, since our equipment is in Canada, and there is complications with bringing large equipment like projectors over the border, we will need to add some equipment rental fees to our overall cost. This means our registration fee will be around the same as last year. We are still in the process of making a wanted hardware list / wishlist where people can sign up to bring some gear. More info on our tech situation will come as we figure out the setup.

We are looking into adding a charity component with Save the Children, though we are still in early investigations.

We may not do another PreNASA this year, as the hassle to host hasn't really outweighed the gain.

Dark-Aries is looking at hosting a smaller scale winter event in December sometime. A poll will come out soon to help gauge when that will be.

We are hosting Horror Thriller Monster Marathon again this year: October 26-27

Submissions are open: (Make sure you are logged in!)

Submissions will close Oct 13!

Shoutout to MASH for running the SOTN Randomizer tournament over the past few weeks on our channel!



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