Newsletter #1

This is a copy of our newsletter #1.

Welcome to the North American Speedrunner Assembly Newsletter!

This is our first letter since being asked to form one at the end of NASA2019. We'll be improving this letter over time in terms of what information we're sharing, how often we're sending this out, the format it is presented, etc. If you have feedback, please reach out to NASA staff, or email with your comments.


We have a newsletter!

We have a forum! We're not sure how this will be used exactly, but it does exist.

Scouting for NASA2020 Venue Underway! If you are willing to help us find a venue, please check out the thread below, or contact someone on staff.

Our Twitch channel name has changed! We got rid of the underscore making our Twitch name similar to the rest of our channels and links.

Next Town Hall, will aim to have it sometime in September. To be announced in the next letter.

Submissions for WWJSRHD6 are open!

Last Town Hall Major Points Summary


  • We are looking at the feedback from NASA2019 and putting into action what we can, such as this newsletter.
  • Better overall communication about everything going on about NASA Marathon, like this newsletter and the forums. Less reliance on Discord and Twitter.
  • More frequent on site communication about the schedule. Utilize Discord roles so we can ping people at the event with changes. Having a physical schedule on a board in the room that we can edit live.
  • We will be looking to create a more portable tech setup as well as recruiting tech from others to help make it more accessible. Ditch the heavy-ass CRTs
  • Looking for a venue in the States for 2020, somewhere in the 8-hour driving radius of Niagara Falls. Prioritizing the venue's location to airport and access to a shuttle, as well as 24/7 food. Things to do (Wonderland) are a bonus. Fallback is the same venue we were at.
  • Will be increasing the attendance fee to help find better locations and offer more on site stuff to do like food, merch, etc. Aiming to keep it somewhere between $100 - $140 USD.
  • One room setup was really nice. Ideally we can get two rooms that are connected by a door with an overall main entrance to everything like the first NASA was.
  • Make group sign-ups and other event offerings visible during registration, like trips to Wonderland, merch, D&D/Tournaments/etc, so you won’t miss it. Have a whiteboard of events on site to help with scheduling.
  • We are not going to make a Patreon or Kofi to assist with support: instead, please subscribe to our channel on Twitch and show Twitch we have community support.
  • Looking into working with a charity to add that aspect to the event for 2020. Will be designing ways to make donations not need to be read aloud like a text marquee, at least during runs. Might try and run a smaller side-event for charity, which we were already exploring, as a test run for NASA2020. Will have more information about this in the future.
  • More sign-ups and organization of on-site events a week in advance to help people find stuff to do and not potentially miss out on an event.

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