About The North American Speedrunner Assembly

The North American Speedrunner Assembly (NASA) is a group of passionate speedrunners who host a series of marathons that allow people to showcase their craft.

We host an annual live NASA event around May or June of each year, and a preNASA event a few months prior. We have also collaboratively hosted the Action Role Playing Marathon Event, Mystery Puzzle Challenge, We Want Jet Set Radio Future HD, We Want Left4Dead2 HD, marathons, and host the No Major Opinions Speedrun Podcast.

We are a grassroots organization whose members volunteer their own equipment, ability, and time, to host events. All fees & subscriptions collected from attendees and viewers is calculated to cover the next live event's venue costs, intending to break even. Our events average about 70 attendees including staff and volunteers.

Our first live event was in 2016 near Chicago, USA. We've held one event each year since near Toronto, Canada. For our fith live event, we're heading back to the States, or trying to. 2020 was going to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on June 1st through the 6th, but due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, it has been postponed until 2022.

Our Team


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